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Industrial Robots and the Modern Workforce

Industrial Robots and the Modern Workforce – Part 1 of 2
It’s all About Robotics: A compendium of technical articles from Machine Design.

This 25-page eBook is your guide to Industrial Robots and their impact on the Modern Workforce. Industrial Robots focuses on information that all ME’s need to know.

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Machine Design Editor Carlos Gonzalez...

has curated a comprehensive collection of Machine Design’s best articles on robotics to serve as a guide to some of the most common industrial robots, where the future of collaborative robots lie, and how automation will be greatly impacted by their implementation. Topics include:

What’s the Difference Between Industrial Robots?
Advanced Robotic Systems: The Manufacturing Labor Force of Tomorrow
How to Make Your Robots Move
Motors and Drives Leading the Way for Robots
Interview: The Automation Boom in Mexico

Carlos Gonzalez - Technical Editor, Machine Design

Carlos M. Gonzalez joined Penton Media Group in 2015. He achieved a B.S. in mechanical engineering at Manhattan College and a M.S. in mechanical engineering at Columbia University.

Prior to working for Penton Media, Carlos worked at Sikorsky Aircraft in their Hydraulics and Mechanical Flight Controls department; working on their S76D commercial and the Navy’s CH-53K aircraft programs. Carlos serves as a Staff Writer of Machine Design.

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