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The Industrial Internet of Things is powered by the interconnection of devices. Wireless connectivity, not as fast as standard wired cabling, is still in the development stages.

This eBook will help design and plant engineers to better understand cable basics, differences between types of cables, how to select the proper cables, and how to ensure the best cable design for industrial applications.

What's Inside

How to Tell CAT Data Cables Apart

Cable Basics: Understanding Dynamic Load-Bearing Capacity

When Flexible Cable Doesn’t Flex for Long

2 Simple Rules for Getting the Cable Carrier Right

The Advantages of Flat Cables

What’s the Difference Between Round and Flat Cables?

How to Choose Cable Solutions for Extreme Temperatures

Carlos Gonzalez

Carlos M. Gonzalez joined Penton Media Group in 2015. He achieved a B.S. mechanical engineering at Manhattan College and a M.S. in mechanical engineering at Columbia University. Prior to working for Penton Media, Carlos worked at Sikorsky Aircraft in their Hydraulics and Mechanical Flight Controls department; working on their S76D commercial and the Navy’s CH-53K aircraft programs.

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